Angela Joyce is the Founder of The Ugly Duck. She is a Yoga Alliance Registered Teacher. She also studied Fitness and Nutrition through National Academy of Sports Medicine. Angela is currently continuing her education at her local community college. Her intention is to transfer to a four year university where she will study Psychology and Political Sciences. After that, Angela will continue on to earn her Masters Degree in International Relations and/or Humanities before perusing a PhD in General Psychology.


Angela spent most of her younger years globe trotting. She chose eco-travel and backpacking trips, which took her everywhere from Africa to Amsterdam. She visited the Dogon Tribe, learning about the stars, in the exiled country of Mali. She took a walkabout in Australia, where she learned about dream time from the indigenous Aboriginal people. She climbed Machu Picchu in Peru, where she stood above the clouds and marveled at the sacred rock of the ancient Inca people. She has watched the sun rise in Japan and she has backpacked through Europe. Angela's travels have opened her eyes to the universal truth that, as human beings, we are all more similar than we are different. We all learn, value, and focus on different material things in our day to day lives but we all experience the same hope, joy, and pain. We all have varying levels of education and income, and we all have different standards of living, but at the end of the day everyone in the world is searching for the same happiness, peace, and love. We all laugh the same and we all cry the same. Everyone finds joy in helping others and no one likes to be alone. 


There is no place on Earth that Angela does not wish to visit and no culture she does not wish to understand.

In her late twenties Angela became a mother. Having children introduced her to the fierceness of feminism and helped her tune into a self-reliance that she had previously been unconscious to. Her motherly instincts encouraged her to become health and nutrient conscious. Organic joy and abundance were created by immersing herself and her children in healthy food, structure, and community. She found holistic prosperity in physical fitness training, nutrition education, and the practice of yoga. 

Her vision for The Ugly Duck started at the gym.

Well respected in the Health and Wellness Industry, Angela found the mental strength and endurance needed to overcome the social, emotional, and environmental obstacles in her life while she was at the gym. She noticed her young family thriving because of her positive lifestyle changes and decided to share what she was learning with the world. This experience guided her to became a leader in the health and well-being community.


Angela's vision is for health and well-being education reach beyond the confines of the gym walls- and into the classroom. This foundation is the beginning of a movement that will help us, together, shape the lives of generations to come.