Angela Joyce is the Founder of The Ugly Duck. She is an up-and-coming 200HR Yoga Alliance Registered Teacher, working towards becoming a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach. Her vision for The Ugly Duck started at the gym.

Well respected in the Health and Wellness Industry, Angela first began her fitness journey as a young mother of two. Members of the community saw her overcome obstacles and demand more of herself consistently each day. Her goal was to improve her health for herself and for her children. Through her fitness journey, she found mental strength and endurance to overcome the environmental situations that plagued her life.  She found organic wealth through the means of physical training and yoga practices. These experiences led her to became a leader in the fitness community.


Angela is a domestic abuse survivor who also overcame a difficult upbringing, including childhood neglect and abuse. She fell victim to the pitfalls of depression, anxiety and other ailments produced by the temporary conditions of her upbringing. Her teen years were touched by war and addiction. She watched substance abuse take over the lives of people she loved and she fought her own battle to overcome various addictions. Angela has witnessed the hardships of war. She sat among the silent ranks and watched men she loved deploy for missions overseas. Some of these men returned and others did not. The ones who did return brought the war home with them and she watched the battles continue within, destroying their lives and taking a toll on their friends, family, and community.  

The founder of The Ugly Duck notes that she feels fortunate because all of her hardships in life were cushioned with grace and love. Every experience she encountered that was designed to harden her spirit was accompanied with guides and companions to heal her. This unique combination of relationships and experiences prompted Angela to create her vision for The Ugly Duck. She decided to use her insight, intuition and understanding to change the world and help others to make it a better place.

Angela spent most of her young adulthood globe trotting. She chose Eco-travel and backpacking trips, which took her everywhere from Africa to Amsterdam. She visited the Dogon Tribe in Mali, learning about ancient mathematics and star systems. She took a walkabout in Australia, learning from the Aborigines about life origin and “dream time”. A thirst for knowledge took her all the way to Peru, where she climbed Manchu Picchu and stood at the gateway to heaven. She also watched the sun rise in Japan, cruised extensively through the Caribbean, and backpacked through Europe. There is no place on Earth that Angela does not wish to visit and no culture she does not wish to understand.

Angela learned everything she knows about business from a small, family-owned corporation that took her in when she was nineteen years old. After twelve years of working for the company, she has gained a well-rounded education in how to run a business, create opportunities, and influence people. She learned assertiveness and politics. She learned effective leadership skills.


In her late twenties Angela became a mother. Having children introduced her to the fierceness of feminism and helped her tap into a self-reliance that she had previously been unconscious to. Her children awakened her, taught her how to extract her unique gifts, and channel them towards the greatest good. Her motherly instincts encouraged her to become health and nutrient conscious, and this is what led her to the gym. She created her business plan while sitting in the gym’s cafe, maintaining daily workouts, and revisiting a long-forgotten yoga practice. Organic joy and abundance were created by immersing herself and her children in healthy food, structure, and community. She noticed her young family thriving in the environment and decided to share what she was learning with the world.  

Angela Joyce recognized at a very young age that the elements of empathy and compassion were the glue that held the world together. Combining this knowledge with the sciences of yoga, fitness, and psychology, her mission is to help you and make the world a better place.


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