Personal fitness training sessions are meant to push, motivate and support you to elevate your fitness routine. Workouts are tailored to your individual goals, nutrition intake, and daily movement. Personal training packages are available in three, six, and nine month packages. They are divided into three phases: Endurance, Strength, and Power. Sessions include olympic lifting, polymerics, resistance and agility training. They may also include cardiorespiratory, core, and balance training dependent on your individual needs.


Some individuals perform better when they are working within a small group to achieve their goals. Small group trainings are meant to be fun, social, and results driven. Training sessions can be accomplished with clients participating in a 60-minute session together or participants can alternate and divide their personalized training time while the other performs light cardio respiratory work. Small Group Training Packages are available in three, six, and nine-month packages.


Give your kids the gift of fitness. These fun and versatile classes focus on coordination, flexibility, speed, balance, and strength. Fitness training instills healthy habits in young children and is also an excellent physical and emotional outlet for teenagers. Adolescent classes may be purchased in three, six, or nine month packages as one-on-one training or group training classes.

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