“I have not yet been to a country that we don’t all laugh the same and we don’t all love the same. We all protect our family and none of us want war.” -Anonymous

We are all more similar than we are different and we can accomplish much more when we stand together. The Ugly Duck is seeking out partnerships with other organizations to bring awareness to the community.

The Ugly Duck will partner with other mission communities to create and improve outreach programs. Jobs for veterans. Housing for the abused. Self-defense classes for women. Mentoring programs for children and adults. Schools and orphanages in third world countries with an emphasis on mental health education. AIDS awareness and relief programs. Sustainable farming. Food for the hungry. Water for Africa. Peace on earth.

The Ugly Duck is looking for partners who sell organic nutrition supplements or environmentally sound health and beauty products. Partners who provide positive alternatives to addictive mind-altering drugs. Fitness inspiration. Empowerment based organizations that wish to help others cultivate healthier, happier communities and lives. We are interested in working with others who have built a brand or business based on self-development, fitness, nutrition, yoga and creative arts.

Prejudice and fear have created separation and ripped the world apart. With cooperation, understanding and integrity we wish to glue it back together.





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If your hair is done properly and you are wearing the correct shoes, you can get away with murder. Why do we care so much about appearances? Throw a filter on it. No one cares what’s underneath. No one has to know. Why do we try so hard to hide the truth about who we are?

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