The mentoring program is geared towards teens who are having a difficult time managing their home, school, or social lives. In this program, Angela will look beyond the surface to see what is going on beneath the superficial. The mentoring program helps teens break free from bad relationship patterns, battle addiction, build confidence, create connections, and establish a life that is in alignment with their core belief systems and unique personalities. 

The mentoring program is designed with an emphasis on motivating and empowering your teen to calibrate their lives. The program is designed to help your teenager navigate their ever-expanding horizon and move from being in a state of reactive thinking to proactive existence.

Children and adolescents need a more structured environment to integrate change, so this program is formatted with more methodology than the adult coaching program. The mentoring program includes six (6) months of face-to-face coaching calls which are recurring, every week, until the program is complete. During these sessions Angela will dive deep and touch base on the subjects that matter most to teens (and are rarely discussed), giving them the opportunity to discover who they are in a safe and nurturing space.

Additional phone calls will be scheduled on an as-needed basis. Your teen will also have access priority messaging 24/7 throughout their journey.

This program is specifically geared towards teenagers who struggle with substance abuse, body image, trauma, emotional disorders, self-esteem or building confidence. It is also suggested for teens who have a rebellious/defiant nature or have difficulty keeping up with their daily routines.

Allow your child to grow and become the best version of themselves.


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