• Angela Joyce

Co-Dependency, Abuse, And Love

Updated: Nov 6, 2020


Fixating on another person so that you don’t have to focus on yourself. Intrusive attachment. Excessive reliance on another person for approval and a sense of identity. Unwillingness or inability to function based off of your own needs or desires. Revolving your thinking and behaviors around another person and expecting them to fulfill you in return. Dismissing your needs in an unhealthy way to focus all of your energy on someone else. Glorifying and putting another person on a pedestal; making them a false God.


To use someone unfairly or improperly to benefit your own life. To accustom someone to behave a certain way and to submissively accept certain circumstances. To train someone to think or act a certain way or to expect certain consequences and punishment. Punishment can include physical or verbal mistreatment. Injury. Assault. Violation. Rape. Unjust or immoral treatment. Threats and aggression. Giving your affections to someone based on pre-determined conditions and expecting them to be compliant with these terms.


A gentle, persistent feeling of compassion and understanding towards another person. Not dependent on or conditioned to certain terms. To admire and encourage someone else to grow, with or without you, and expecting nothing in return. Not controlling. Not demanding. Not expecting. Not bargained for.

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