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Updated: Nov 6, 2020

Depression, anxiety, addiction and abuse. Anger issues. Eating disorders. Alcoholism. Insomnia. Everyone is looking for a quick fix or an artificial remedy.

Sedatives, stimulants and narcotics all promise solutions to these every day ailments. The relief, however, is only temporary. Sooner or later (usually sooner) the dosage will wear off, your immunity will build up, and you are back to square one. Now up your dosage and add drug dependency to your current list of problems.

This is a dead end route. This is only keeping your problems at arms length. These medications are only masking the core issues that really need to be addressed.

Drugs create a chemical reaction in the brain that is identical to the natural chemical process that occurs when you have positive interactions with people in the world around you.

Community is the best medicine. Surround yourself with people. This is my solution.

People are naturally designed wanting to connect with each other. Nerve endings are most densely concentrated in our lips and in our hands. This is why we kiss and hold hands. Human beings are genetically programmed with a desire for connection and togetherness.

If the need for human connection is not being met, the brain will search for other means to fill the void. If the basic need for connection is not met it will cause anger, sadness, anxiety, and longing. This is where drugs come in. Drugs offer an artificial sense of peace and community.

These drugs do not offer long term solutions. The best medicine is all around you. It doesn’t have to be bottled, bought, diagnosed, or prescribed.

The world is filled with people. Is this a coincidence?

Look to the natural world. Look to your community. Connection with others provides ORGANIC joy and happiness. ORGANIC antidepressant. ORGANIC excitement and stimulation. Simple solutions to tough problems.

Getting involved in your community creates real, long term immunity against mental illnesses like depression and addiction. These bonds create long term solutions. Healing and mending the holes in your life instead of just glossing over them and masking the real issues. This happens simultaneously while creating, growing, connecting, and expending your world and horizons.

Reach out. Make new friends. Encourage others to grow. Join a cooking class. Run a marathon. Leave your comfort zone. Compliment a stranger. Take a genuine interest in your angry co-worker or super stressed out mother-in-law. Everyone likes to feel included and everyone likes to help other people. It gives us a sense of purpose and belonging. There is power in community. This feeling of connection and togetherness is more satisfying and more substantial than any prescription refill ever will be.

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