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Detroit Movement

Updated: Feb 12, 2021

Detroit was founded in 1701 and then it burned to the ground in 1802. After rebuilding the city from the ground up, Detroit was taken hostage by British troops in 1812. The British destroyed the settlement and reluctantly left it for dead, deeming it to be of little military importance.

Detroit rose from the ashes and became the state capital shortly after. The city flourished and became known as ‘The Paris of the west’ due to its architecture.

Detroit had to make a new name for itself when it was overlooked and the state capital moved to Lansing. It had to start over. Detroit accepted the challenge, upped its game and became a leader in the industrial revolution. Detroit refused to be written off by the history books, becoming known as the ‘Comeback city.’ With Detroit’s visionary entrepreneurship and disciple, it founded the entire auto industry. The headquarters to the world’s largest automotive manufacturers are anchored in Detroit.

Detroit’s discipline and integrity pushed the human race forward.

Things from Detroit are built to last.

In Detroit we understand the importance of Equality. Detroit’s success and employment opportunity appealed to the masses during World War II and the city saw a huge migration of member from the black community. Detroit did not welcome their presence with open arms and world watched racial tensions destroy the city once again. The Detroit Riots of 1967 were among the most violent and destructive riots in U.S. history. Bloodshed, burning and looting ransacked the city for five days. The government had to deploy troops from the U.S. Army and Coast Guard to regain control of the city. 1,400 buildings were burned to the ground. Innocent civilians were injured and killed.

Detroit is no stranger to hardship, turmoil and controversy.

Detroit knows what it's like to be hungry.

In 2013 Detroit filed for bankruptcy.

Detroit knows survival and it is time for another comeback.

Detroit has gained much wisdom from its controversial history. Detroit has been humbled by its diverse background and takes pride in the product of its hustle. Detroit is known as king of the comebacks because it has mastered the art of getting back up after it falls. Detroit has refined the grind. Detroit has developed a mental toughness which can only be learned through hardship, and we want to share that knowledge with the world.

It is time for Detroit strength to, once again, push the human race forward.

In Detroit we understand the importance of community. We understand the importance of compassion. We believe that kindness matters. We believe that health and well-being reach far beyond the classroom walls. Mental strength and endurance are the foundational bricks upon which Detroit was built. We have experienced the effects of health and well-being in our community and we wish to lead the world by example.

Weak people tear others down and try to keep them at a disadvantage. Strong people encourage others and help build each other up. Detroit is rising from the ashes again to lead the nation in a movement putting an end to the war on race, gender, religion, and equality.

This is true strength. This is Detroit Strong.

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