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Updated: Feb 12, 2021

Generation Mindful is a company that creates educational tools and toys that nurture emotional intelligence. I recently received my very own, “Time-In Tool Kit” and this is what I think.

Little children and big emotions are a packaged deal. The reason why children have such a hard time regulating their emotions at such a young age is because they have not yet learned what these emotions are, why they arise, and how to deal with them. The Time-In Tool Kit is an excellent tool, providing a head start for children to recognize and understand their emotions. The tool kit is comprised of three posters, a deck of cards, and an interactive activity mat. The kit is designed to foster emotional intelligence at a young age by validating your child’s thoughts and emotions. It is designed to empower your child by gifting them with a sense of awareness and self-worth.

The posters illustrate different emotions and categorize them as “pleasant” or “unpleasant” and “high energy, low energy”. The posters cover the most basic emotions like “happy” and “sad” but also help children understand more complicated emotions like “reflective” “embarrassed” or “proud”. My favorite emotion highlighted on this board is “silly”, because it encourages your child not to take themselves or their passing emotions too seriously.

Making these emotions visual makes them more tangible for your child.

The activity mat encourages children to recognize their feelings and come up with solutions to productively deal with big emotions. Examples of this are to “draw”, “stretch your body”, or my personal favorite, “come up with my own idea”. This game provides examples of healthy coping mechanisms and encourages free thinking. I recommend using this activity mat when your child is having a tantrum or finds themselves especially wound up.

The deck of playing cards, called “My Feelings Flash Card Set” contains 42 affirming messages created to build emotional intelligence via play. The cards are color coded with assorted spirit animals, each representing a different aspect of emotional intelligence. Each card has a different message that promotes mental clarity and personal growth. The different colors and animals on these cards correspond with the different chakras of the human body. To play this game, your child picks a card from the deck. You will then read the positive affirmation to your child. You might ask your child, “What do you think about that?”, “What does this mean to you?”, or “Does this remind you of anything?” Your child might have a lot to say, or very little. Either way, make it your job to listen. When you are done discussing the card, your child will choose a sticker with the corresponding spirit animal and find a place for it on one of your poster boards. This creates a hands-on, interactive environment for you to foster a sense of awareness and emotional understanding with your child. I recommend choosing one card per day, as part of your bed time routine. This will help your youngster settle down and end the day on a positive note.

Early childhood is a critical phase of human development. Generation Mindful is aware of this and the Time-In Tool Kit is a fantastic way to help your child get ahead in life.

This is important.

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