• Angela Joyce

Mental Health Education

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

Mental Health literacy can be taught in grade school.

Most parents would lie down in front of traffic to prevent their child from suffering- yet millions of our kids are still struggling because they lack the information they need.

Our busy lives and demanding curriculum make it increasingly difficult each year to teach our children the basic principles that serve as the foundation upon which our lives are built on.

As a result, more and more kids are failing or dropping out of school. They are becoming addicted to drugs and becoming involved in the juvenile justice system. They are struggling to find their way as adults.

It is our responsibility to equip our children with the tools they need to become functional adults.

The Ugly Duck suggests early intervention. Self-esteem, Respect, Compassion, and Teamwork and are the fundamental building blocks of Mental Health. We aim to bring Mental Health Education to our schools.

Our goal is to create an inclusive, hands on environment for kids to learn and grow together, bringing awareness to the importance of mental health.

Let’s create a stronger and healthier community.

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