• Angela Joyce


Updated: Feb 11, 2021

They are lying to you. They lied to me too. They are really good at it. They are emotionally stunned and do not feel empathy or remorse. This makes them extremely dangerous.

They are monsters hidden in plain sight.

They influence us by making us feel resistant to things and people that can improve our lives. They do this so that they can remain in a position of power over us. They do not understand boundaries. They do not know where they end and others begin. They are unable to see pasts themselves and do not see how their actions effect other people, nor do they care.

Their kindness is a façade. Everything they do is a ploy to reel us in. They do not want us to succeed. They do not want us to win. They need us to remain a subject to their wills so that they can remain in a position of power.

This is a secret that they will never tell us.

They will tell us as little as possible because they know that knowledge is power. Everything in their lives is top secret and classified.

They use people and pawn them against each other. They believe in the motto “divide and concur”. They will reject us for accepting outside influences that can better our lives. They get jealous if we do this. They lose their power if we do this. They demand complete loyalty and submission.

They limit our access to employment, finance or education to ensure that we remain dependent on them. They want us to believe that we would have nothing without them. They want us to believe that we would be nothing without them.

Everything is about them and they lack the emotional intelligence to comprehend how their actions effect others. They will resent us for having goals, ideas or interests that are not about them. They will call our ambitions stupid, foolish, etc. They will use insults and put-downs to stop us from following our own interests. They want to keep us in line, following them on their path. Everything begins and ends with them.

No matter what we do, they will be stuck in their misery. They are fear sucking parasites. Nothing we do will ever improve our relationship with them. They will always ask for more. They will always give less.

It is important to identify who these people are in our lives, what roll they play and how they effect us. Identify these people and separate from them. Identify the resistance and work through it. We need to remove these influences from our lives so we can prosper and grow. They do not deserve our emotions, trust or fear. They are a subject to our wills and we do have the power to be rid of them.

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