• Angela Joyce


Updated: Feb 12, 2021

I woke up like this.

Blemish remover. Figure reshape. Auto correct. Brightness and contrast controls.

Bleach blonde hair. Acrylic nails. Teeth whitening kits. Two spritz of your favorite cologne or perfume to cover up last night’s bender.

If your hair is done properly and you are wearing the correct shoes, you can get away with murder.

Why do we care so much about appearances? Throw a filter on it. No one cares about what’s underneath. No one has to know.

Why do we try so hard to hide the truth about who we are?

Cars. Phones. Diamonds. The latest tablets and greatest technology. Brand names. Labels.

More stuff. More money. Bigger is always better. The more you own, the more proof you have that your life is important. That you have direction and purpose. That you matter and you are worthy of praise.

Why do these things hold so much value in our lives? Why is this what we want people to notice? Why do we try so hard to cover up the things that we are composed of and mask it with stuff that makes us appear to be exactly the same as everyone else?

Be weird.

Be different.

Don't sugar coat your feelings.

Speak your truth, even if it’s contrary to popular belief.

Don't throw a filter on it. Don't be afraid to upset anyone. Let people know that you care. Go against the grain and think outside the box.

Be unique.

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