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That's So Gay

Updated: Feb 11, 2021


A loving union between two people of the same sex. A legal contract that establishes rights and obligations amongst spouses. The foundation of a home and family. Gay marriage is not recognized in most countries of the world. In some countries, the penalty for homosexuality is death.


To avoid someone intentionally or to prevent someone from taking part in the activities of a group because you dislike the person or disapprove of them. To exclude.


God given right to live life on your own terms. The absence of undue restrictions imposed by another person or group of people. The opportunity to exercise ones rights and be in control of ones own well-being. Liberation from slavery. Not living at the mercy of another. Not being subservient to the power of another person or group of people. Freedom is free. It is not given, earned or bargained for.


A child whose parents are dead. There are approximately 153 million orphans in the world. 69 million children are currently suffering from malnutrition. 11% of the world’s children are currently working as child laborers on the black market because they have no home, family, or shelter. 90% of the world’s orphans will never be adopted.


Some people say that children need both a mother and a father, but there are many others who believe that gender does not matter when parenting. I say that having two flaming gay parents is better than working in a sweat shop, begging for change on the street, or being recruited as a child soldier by the age of ten because you have no other means to provide for yourself. Gay adoption is illegal in most countries of the world.


Those you turn to for unconditional love and support. A specific group of people with an unspoken agreement to care for and love each other.


Somewhere you feel safe and have a sense of belonging. A place you go where you are free to be yourself at all times.


Intentionally harming a person or group of people out of fear or insecurity. To manipulate or abuse. To poke fun at. To bully. To intimidate or threaten. The act of dismissing, belittling or mocking another person or group of peoples’ lives or beliefs.

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