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War At Home

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

CHILD CUSTODY BATTLE. An endless, self-defeating, or pointless pursuit; diminishing human beings to rats attempting to earn a reward such as cheese, to no avail. A competitive struggle between parents, diminishing children to objects which can be won. An exhausting, repetitive lifestyle that leaves no time for things that really matter. A period of time in which children are pawned against their parents like pieces in a chess match. Mass chaos and suffering. The result of two or more people in opposing positions of power getting into an argument, sending entire families out to destroy each other. This is done out of fear.

CHILD SUPPORT. A diversion from things that really matter. Money that is allocated by the justice system to support children. This money is usually held on a much higher level of importance than the children, and more energy and resources are spent fighting over this money than actually goes toward the children- rendering it a complete waste of resources.

CHILD PROTECTIVE SERVICES. A government funded group called to investigate abuse or neglect of a child. Anyone can make a report to CPS. The report does not have to be factual or true. Usually the reports have nothing to do with the child. They are usually called over a power struggle. The person or party who calls them first, wins. The other party is guilty until proven innocent.

FAMILY COURT. A large arena masked by red tape, confusion and multiple levels of hoops to jump through, used especially for sports or spectacles (such as: division of assets, debt, child custody, alimony, child support, or other small claims). A public spectacle. An arena of law often glorified under the banner of justice used for a variety of shows including feats of tactical skill, wild animal acts, and performances by clowns.

FRIEND OF THE COURT. Free mediators who are paid a minimal wage. Their job is to settle differences with minimal interference in your life. Their minimal wage and minimal interference usually leads to minimal results. They are given no authority to enforce court orders. Their job is to settle differences that could have otherwise been settled outside of a courtroom. These parties know the most about you and your family while subsequently being given the least amount of authority to govern your family’s wellbeing. Friend of the court is not your friend.

JUDGE. A complete stranger you have entrusted with God-like authority to determine your fate and the future of your children.

FAMILY. Those you turn to for unconditional love and support. A specific group of people with an unspoken agreement to care for an love each other.

HOME. Somewhere you feel safe and have a sense of belonging. A place you go where you are free to be yourself at all times.

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