• Angela Joyce

We Are All Addicts

Updated: Feb 12, 2021

People who lose their cell phones experience panic attacks similar to a near death experience.

How many likes can I get on my Instagram post?

Amazon prime offers two-day shipping. Thank God. Because I need that new pair of shoes. Right now.

We are all addicted to something that takes the pain away. If you go on Instagram and search for "addiction" you won’t find pictures of junkies and empty liquor bottles. You will find an endless feed of Rolex, stilettoes, fast cars, and cheesecake.

Looking for fulfillment outside of yourself is addiction. Name three things you can’t live without. Those are your addictions. Society passes so much judgment on “addicts”. Alcoholics. Junkies. Stoners. Crack heads. Why?

These people are trying to suffocate or starve their pain. They are suppressing what is really going on inside of them because it is too painful to deal with. Because they would rather find a quick fix. Instant gratification. They want the pain to go away, at least for a moment.

Isn’t that what you are doing with your Instagram post? If enough people like it, don’t you get that dopamine rush? Doesn’t it give you solid confirmation that you are loved, valued, worthy, and good enough? Will it take the pain away? Will it take away that feeling of self-doubt?

At least for a moment?

No one thinks to themselves, “When I grow up I want to be a homeless alcoholic. I want to be addicted to opioids. I want to grow up and go through my mother’s wallet, stealing cash so I can get my fix.”

Substance addiction is a disease. These addictions have taken the mind, body, and soul of the user hostage. The substance has complete and total power over the user. These people do not need our judgment. They need our help.

Right click. Double tap. Add to shopping cart. Night cap. Happy hour. New shoes. New nails. New car. I need it. I deserve it. This will take the pain away. This will make me happy.

At least for a moment…

Addiction is a common, completely relatable problem. If you are addicted to something, I encourage you to seek help. No one should live in a cage that they designed for themselves.

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