The worlds most elite athletes and performers all have coaches- that’s why they perform so well. Why should you be any different?

We empower people to become their healthiest, happiest, most authentic selves. We don’t pretend that life is easy, and you don’t have to pretend to have it all together. Sometimes good coaching and accountability are the only things standing between your success and failure. The Ugly Duck will be there to push you, inspire you, and encourage you every step of the way.

If you are overwhelmed and need help to restore balance or if you are inspired and need help grounding your ideas- The Ugly Duck has your back. Take the next step and invest in your future. Bring your visions to life and create a deeply satisfying lifestyle.

Inside The Mind Of An Addict

Generation Mindful


Co-Dependency, Abuse, And Love



Ever since Angela was a child, she was told that she was too loud. She was told that her voice carries. She was told to pipe down. Over the years, Angela has come to the understanding that this was not a burden but a blessing. Her voice is loud because her words are important. She has a vision for a healthier and happier global community, and she wants to share that vision with the world. Available for speaking engagements of all shapes, sizes, and social structures.


This program is focused on self-development and is designed for those who wish to work with Angela on intimate level. Her philosophy is that anything is attainable in you break it down into small enough steps. Combining her intuitive knowing of the human psyche with the applied conditions of your life she will help you navigate a new path forward.


The mentoring program is geared towards teens who are having a difficult time managing their home, school, or social lives. In this program, Angela will look beyond the surface to see what is going on beneath the superficial. The mentoring program helps teens break free from bad relationship patterns, battle addiction, build confidence, create connections, and establish a life that is in alignment with their core belief systems and unique personalities.   


The practice of yoga is intimate and intentional. Private and semi-private lessons are available, as well as group and corporate lessons. You are welcome to request special events yoga and lessons geared towards children. The purpose of these lessons is to help practitioners align and recalibrate- restoring balance and becoming empowered in daily life.


Personal fitness training sessions are meant to push, motivate and support you to elevate your fitness routine. Group sessions are available for individuals who perform better when they are working within a small group to achieve their goals. Children's fitness classes are also available to instill healthy habits in young children in a fun and versatile way.


Nutrition consultations are intended to guide you through the process of dietary change. A consultation will assess your currently diet and nutrition intake while providing general nutrition information and suggestions to you help you implement healthy change. Individual meal planning is also available upon request.

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My Abuse Story


Freedom Is Free


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